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Europe's centre for NLP training - Direct from the source

Welcome. Thanks for coming by. We're here to teach you the skills to take charge of your life. On our NLP trainings, you'll discover methods of self-help and self-improvement you can use in therapeutic, personal, coaching and corporate contexts.

Amongst many, THREE great reasons why training with us is the right choice:

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CORPORATE BOOKINGS Groups of 10 plus receive great discounts.
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You get to learn from Dr Richard Bandler, the man who invented the term "NLP" and who has demonstrated his brilliance at bringing about personal change for over four decades


We are the world's largest NLP training company. Our expertise and professionalism ensure you will get the very best NLP Training.


You'll enjoy post-learning support to teach, inspire and motivate you in the form of videos, blogs, newsletters and much more.

NLP - A set of mental skills to help you and others do what you do better.

Dr Richard Bandler has refined his NLP trainings over the last forty years to a precisely honed series of learnings that teach at both conscious and unconscious levels.

With NLP Life Training, you will learn how to:

  • Bring more elegance and mastery to your communication
  • Enhance your relationships in all areas of your life. Learn to handle stress with lightness and humour
  • Improve your whole attitude to yourself and others. Change the lives of those around you for good
Change your life by booking on any of the NLP Life Training seminars, or receive additional information on our training courses. NLP training empowers you to make positive changes in your business, social and personal life, becoming a more effective communicator, a better persuader and a more success-oriented person." - Bernardo Moya, CEO, NLP LIFE TRAINING.


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