It Stands To Reason: Why Persuasion Isn't Only About Logic - by Matthew Wingett

Matthew Wingett remembers a dramatic example of how emotional power cut through all logical argument to ensure that a rapist was jailed. 
Matthew Wingett, Editor, NLP LIFE

Speech Patterns of Barack Obama - by Ed Percival

Ed Percival will be appearing at The Excellent for Business NLP Workshop on September 10th 2011. Here, Ed reveals the speech patterns of Barack Obama in this fascinating mp3.
Ed Percival - NLP Life Academy Trainer 

Excellent For Business NLP Workshop - by Matthew Wingett

The Excellent for Business NLP Workshop will take place on 10th September 2011. Matthew Wingett explains how this training day will give business people skills to really get ahead.
The NLP Life Academy Excellent for Business NLP Workshop

Posture Tip: Wave The Magic Wand - by Michele Paradise

On 10th September Michele Paradise will speak at the Excellent for Business NLP Workshop about looking and feeling fantastic when public speaking.  Here's a great tip to improve posture.
Michele Paradise - NLP LIFE Academy Trainer

Beating Fear - and Growing Up - by Dr Stephen Simpson

As a build-up to The Excellent For Business NLP Workshop, Dr Stephen Simpson looks at the mistakes some business people make when they think they lack confidence.
Dr Stephen Simpson, NLP Trainer
Dr Stephen Simpson


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