Introduction to NLP - Paul McKenna's mentor introduces you to the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Paul McKenn, NLP Life Trainer"...Richard Bandler's life work has transformed our understanding of the true capacity of the human mind..."  - Paul McKenna.

Find out for yourself why Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is so popular throughout the world at this Introduction to NLP. Spend an evening with NLP's co-creator, Richard Bandler. This three-four hour event provides you with the opportunity to meet a unique man who is a master of communication, and to experience and use some basic NLP techniques in a relaxed and informal manner.


  • Master your own emotions and run your own mind
  • Gain ‘instant confidence’ and motivation in a wide variety of situations
  • Access your unconscious learning ability at will
  • Change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others
  • Techniques that remove unnecessary fears and phobias
  • Discover your true potential
  • Create better working and more satisfying emotional relationships

This event always sells out so hurry and book NOW.

About the seminar

Do I need to know NLP before attending the event?

No, not for the Introduction evening. Richard Bandler will teach and introduce you to the basics of NLP.

Does Richard teach NLP at the introduction to NLP evening?

As the name of the event suggests this is an introduction to NLP. So throughout the evening you will experience Richard’s unique way of teaching and learn some aspects of NLP and possibly a demonstration on stage. This is a great evening for people who are interested in learning NLP or just want to spend the evening with Dr. Richard Bandler.

What documents do I need to complete?

On the first day you will be required to sign a short disclaimer for marketing & filming purposes.

Can I record the trainings and take photographs?

No filming or photography is permitted at all throughout the course and whilst the trainers are on stage. You will get an opportunity at the end of the seminar to have photos with Richard and John.

Can I bring a friend or relative?

Each ticket is for one person. So if you only bought one ticket, then only one person can attend the event.

Is there any breaks during the evening?

Yes, there will be a 15-20 minute break.

How many people usually attend?

It varies, usually within the region of 200 delegates.

Can I buy NLP related products?

Yes there will be a full range of books, CDs and DVDs for sale throughout the duration of the seminar.

About the venue

Is accommodation and lunch included?

No, you will be served tea, coffee and biscuit’s in the morning and afternoon breaks and water is provided but you have to sort out your own accommodation and lunch. The hotel or ourselves can usually recommend places to eat and stay near the venue.
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