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"NLP Practitioner training is one of the best investments you can make in your life...

...NLP Practitioner Training with Dr. Richard Bandler, NLP's co-creator, is the best."

CPD Accredited Course

"First of all, why should I learn NLP now?"

Whatever you bring to the course – whether it's a desire to release old baggage, to get through challenges, to become more motivated, to become a better communicator or simply operate at higher levels of excellence, NLP training gives you the tools you need.
So many students before you have experienced being amazed at learning NLP, at any age.

In our experience, it's always exactly the right moment to do this course, this makes even more sense once you have attended and look back on what you've learned.

This 5.58 minute video viewed by more than 140,000 people will tell you why training with Dr. Richard Bandler is so unique.

Why training with Richard Bandler is the right choice for you.

You are in experienced hands
NLP Life Training is the largest training company in the world. Over the years we've trained tens of thousands of students in numerous different formats. We've watched them go on with their lives positively changed for good. We are still in contact with many of our students, ready to give advice and hear their stories as the years unfold.
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified as Licensed Practitioner of NLP

There is no better trainer.

Dr Richard Bandler's vast experience of over 40 years study and training will give you the best learning experience of your life. His deep curiosity and fascination for the psychological side of self-improvement led him to co-found NLP. He knows NLP like no other. He was the inventor of the term NLP and his definition is used by the Oxford English Dictionary:

Neurolinguistic Programming – OED Definition
(n) a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them; a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior.

Whether or not you've trained in NLP before, watching Richard perform NLP and hypnosis skills is an experience not to be missed.

Learning becomes fun again.

We've heard so many of students give great descriptions of our training... Inspirational, joyful, innovative, powerful are all words we hear. They're all true. 

Richard's unique teaching is designed to make learning the powerful NLP skills he will teach you easy. That's why the word we hear most of all is fun.
Listen to their stories, hear it from them

Our training assistants are absolutely the best available.

Our strong and sensitive team of assistants are master trainers in their own right. They own successful NLP businesses and between them have decades of experience in training at institutes, coaching and mentoring. 
They are there to help you, and are happy to share their knowledge and offer guidance when asked.
Their superb knowledge will ease your journey through the NLP Practitioner training.

Our students don't just learn. They grow.

That's because once you've mastered the skills of NLP with expert guidance, you're able to use your mind in a new way. 
You can generate confidence, resilience, creativity and many other mindsets, just when you want them. And not only in yourself – also in your clients. 
This is what sets our NLP Practitioner training above so many others. 
You learn priceless new information – and you learn how to use it in new, more empowering ways.

Who is NLP for?

If you're a coach, a therapist, counsellor, mentor, salesperson, communicator – what could be better than to say you've trained with Dr. Richard Bandler?  
More than that, it's for anyone and everyone who wants to make a change in their lives. 
Whether you want to learn more self control, mastery of fears, greater motivation, better communication skills, enhanced ability to build relationships, persuasion – or help others do the same, this training course will give you the skills you want.

What you will learn.

Richard's unique NLP training is carefully layered and structured to raise your learning levels to new heights. This course is the most popular NLP Licensed Practitioner course in the world.

NLP Practitioner Syllabus

The NLP Practitioner Training takes place between 09:30 – 18:30 every day over 7 days. We ask that delegates arrive on the first day slightly earlier to help with registration and allocation of course materials.

Learning objectives:

During this course, delegates are taught to combine all the elements of NLP, and then shown how to apply them with skill and elegance.  The course culminates in real-life application of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome fears and phobias, and learning greater confidence.

By the end of the course you will be able to apply the new learning and skills you have acquired as a Certified NLP Practitioner to whatever field of work you are in, whether that be human resources, education,sales,management,therapy,or business.

The Programme:What You Will Learn
  • The NLP presuppositions: Useful beliefs for the NLP Practitioner
  • Well formed outcomes: A method to identify and pursue well-formed and congruent outcomes
  • Rapport: How to bond with anyone in minutes
  • Sensory acuity: How to read others by observing minute sensory shifts
  • Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind.
  • Representation systems: How people build their internal maps
  • Eye patterns: How to read the representations people are accessing moment to moment
  • Sub modalities: Finer distinctions, which create meaning from our internal maps
  • Swish Patterns: Change habits and states and create new directions
  • Submodality belief changes: Use submodalities to change limiting beliefs
  • Strategies: Internal processes that drive complex behaviours. How different people make dedcisions, get motivated and perform any behaviour.
  • Modelling strategies: Install new powerful strategies for any new behaviour an individual or organisation wants to adopt
  • Tote model: A model complex behaviours
  • Anchoring: How we are programmed by external and internal stimuli
  • Linguistic presuppositions: Learn to influence using elegant language structures. Be able to read people’s internal maps based on the presuppositions in their language
  • Milton Model: Maintain rapport and elegantly influence by using hypnotic language patterns
  • Meta Model: Get to the heart of distortions, generalisations, and deletions in language
  • Agreement frame: Maintain agreement even when you have opposing perspective
  • Reframing: elegantly create new meanings for problems and objections
  • The neuro linguistic sales process: The 6 step NLP sales model that works
  • NLP and negotiation: Negotiate with elegance for results
  • Phobia Day - This is a full day process, starting with intensive training and demonstration in the morning, of the Fast Phobia Model in the morning, through to direct application of the Fast Phobia cure in the afternoon session. It's fun, life changing. We love this day there is so much positive energy!
  • Testing and Certification – students are tested between 9am and 1pm. This involves the oral testing of the delegates, under the practised eyes of trainers, who can evaluate delegates on their strong points and areas where they need to work further.
  • Students return after evaluation and receive certification.

We Care.

When our students complete our training, there is always a noticeable difference. It is a privilege to watch their life-paths develop in ways they never dreamed. They come back for new trainings and to discover new aspects of personal development.
We delight in seeing our students learn new skills AND new attitudes that enable them to use those skills better. 
Once you've done the course, you'll have fond memories of friends you made and how you learned together. You are part of the bigger organisation. You become part of the NLP Family and The Best You. 

The Best You is a global organization and it’s business is to help people like yourself achieve their dreams, through our newsletters, books, magazines, video content and events,  we are here to help you every step of the way. 
We love to see you become the best you can be.
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Accept no imitations.

There are many NLP training organisations, but none has the vast experience we have in training people to the highest levels. What's more, all of our NLP certificates are signed personally by Dr Richard Bandler.
NLP Certificate
Having our NLP Practitioner certificate is the sign that you've passed the highest standards of training, and is recognised throughout the personal development world.
There is nothing of more value to you.

Comments from Attendees.


So what is my investment?

We have a very simple way of pricing, you can pay a deposit or pay in full, but most importantly the sooner you book, the more you save.
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Mrinal Chakraborty - NLP Practioneer Course feedback
The practical Trance sessions had enhanced my level of understanding to not less than 110%

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Event dates

15th - 21st
May 2017
In 48 days
Speak to an advisor
Richard Bandler - co-creator of NLP
Dr. Richard Bandler'A Leonardo of our times'. The Guardian"One of the reasons why I conduct NLP training is so that people who want to use NLP, teach it to others, or use it in the context of public communication, can do so in the way that I intended."
John La Valle - President of the society of NLP™ co-author of Persuasion Engineering®
John La ValleOne of the World's most respected corporate consultants and the co-author of 'Persuasion Engineering®' with Richard Bandler.
Kathleen La Valle, NLP Practitioner
Kathleen La ValleKathleen La Valle is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & DHE and has been conducting trainings and development seminars for over 20 years.
About the seminar

Who Should Definitely Attend This Workshop?

  • Anyone currently in business or is a manager - how would it feel to be able to overcome the hurdles which prevent you from taking your business to the next level, transform your team into a motivated group working with you to grow your business and customer base?
  • Anyone in sales and marketing - how would you like to boost your income, and earn more while working less hours?
  • Parents - how would you like to help your children grow and learn faster while enjoying the process? How would it feel to be able to give them the tools to overcome all the challenges they are bound to experience as they grow... AND... give them a head start in life?
  • Therapists, coaches and educators - how would it feel to know you can help your clients make massive shifts in their life in just a few sessions? To possess skills very few people possess so people are constantly calling you and referring you because they know you get results... ultimately then you can charge more money and have your practice bursting with new patients.
  • Anyone who is currently an employee - how would it feel to know you can make an additional income part-time without leaving your job, by working as a qualified NLP Therapist. Once you are certified there is no limit as to how soon you can get out of the rat-race and onto this new path.
  • Anyone who is currently in a relationship or looking for a relationship - how would it feel to strengthen your connections and create more love, passion and fulfilment with your loved ones, or learn the personal skills to attract the partner of your dreams.
  • Anyone who has a phobia - At the end of the NLP seminar, your phobia will most probably be a thing of the past, You will be more in control of your life, and do the things you haven't been able to do for ages because your fears and phobias have been stopping you.
  • Anyone who wants to stop wasting time & money learning the hard way - we have already made the mistakes so you don't have to
  • Anyone wanting a quantum leap / breakthrough - If you're already doing well - this will turbo-charge everything you are doing.

Does Richard teach every day?

Yes, the teaching is split between Richard, John La Valle & Kathleen La Valle, and predominantly Richard teaches every morning

Are there other trainers?

Yes we have a team of dedicated assistants who are trainers in their own right and give up their time to teach at some level and overlook the smooth running of the seminars.

Do I need to know NLP before attending the course?

No, not for the Practitioner course, this course caters for all individuals and no previous NLP experience is needed.

Do I have to do any homework or any preparation for the course?

No, you will be given a comprehensive manual on the first day in which you can make notes if you wish but Richard teaches in a way that is fun and interactive and feels that’s the best way for the attendees to learn and get the most benefit from the trainings.

What documents do I need to complete?

On the first day you will be required to sign a short disclaimer for marketing & filming purposes and complete a license agreement, one copy to be given to you and one to be held by The Society of NLP.

Does it matter how many people are in the class?

No, Richard calibrates to his audience and teaches on both a conscious and un-conscious level. His unique style of teaching means that it doesn’t matter if there are 20 or 200 people in the class.
There is also a team of dedicated assistants that  are always there to help and assist if needed.

Can I record the trainings and take photographs?

No filming or photography is permitted at all throughout the course and whilst the trainers are on stage. You will get an opportunity at the end of the seminar to have photos with Richard and John. 

What are the timings?

Generally we say from 9am to 6pm. Richard goes on stage at approximately 9.30am but there is no schedule as such with regards to timings. We ask you to arrive earlier on the first day to complete your registration documents and historically the last day always finishes earlier than usual by about an hour or so. Lunch is usually an hour to an hour and a half and there will be a morning and afternoon coffee break.

When will I get my certificate and what does it allow me to do?

If you complete the 7 or 9 days training and you qualify, you will receive your NLP Licensed Practitioner or Master Practitioner certificate that is signed by Dr Richard Bandler with a society standard seal. This will enable you to use your newly acquired NLP skills in both a personal and professional manner.

Can I buy NLP related products?

Yes there will be a full range of books, CDs and DVDs for sale throughout the duration of the seminar.
About the venue

Is accommodation and lunch included?

No, you will be served tea, coffee and biscuits in the morning and afternoon breaks and water is provided but you have to sort out your own accommodation and lunch.
The hotel or ourselves can usually recommend places to eat and stay near the venue.

Location | Royal Garden Hotel, London

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