Meet The Assistants 5: Trine Aldstedt

Trine Aldstedt talks about her voyage from Norway, to NLP, her bestselling book - and what it's like to assist Richard Bandler.
Trine Aldstedt
Trine Aldstedt
NLP Trainer and
Assistant at NLP LIFE Training

Assistant's Name: Trine Aldstedt
Home Town and Country: Norway
NLP Experience: Licensed Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner of NLP, Practitioner of NLP and assistant at numerous Richard Bandler trainings
Job: Licensed Trainer of NLP, life coach
Age: 43

My pathway into NLP was intuitive. I have always worked with people...People have always been my main interest and before I came to NLP, I had already acquired a lot of certificates and a lot of techniques in different areas. Then I saw these three letters:  NLP.  And I felt like I had to know about it. And when I did find out - from day one I felt like I was at home.

I trained in Norway first. The institute I trained with were into spirituality and healing and things.  And I was too.  From day I was born I had always felt that society, the school system, my parents, my family - everything - were always trying to tell me: "this is the way to do this" and "this is the way to do that".  I felt, inside that, no, it wasn't. When I found NLP it was a confirmation for me.

When I went for my trainer's training, I decided that I would go to the source. And that I would train with the best there is. I didn't  want any copies, I wanted Richard Bandler to be my trainer.  So, I took my trainer's training in 2004, but then, at the last minute, Richard was ill.  I came to London with all this anticipation that I would meet him, and the days passed on the course, and he didn't come.  In fact he did come in on the last day while I was doing my test on the trainer's training.  He interrupted me right in the middle of my test. That course, run by John La Valle, was so much fun. 

In Norway, I run an NLP insitute. I have run several actually, but I started this one in 2004.  Its name is MetaResource. I do trainings and corporate stuff and one on one.  I always have three classes going. I run the courses differently from here because I run it over a longer period.  So, my Practitioner runs through 5 months three days. The students have a lot of stuff to do, and they come back and build on it.  And I love it.
I've also just just written a book.  It's called "Alt Sitter I Hodet", which means: "It's All In The Head".  It's basically a Practitioner Level book with lots of extras. So, I combine other things in like brainwaves, and lots of other things. It's an NLP book for everyone - and will also be useful for NLPers and coaches.  It has a lot of stories from my practice, and a lot of stories from other people who have had remarkable results. It also has a lot of exercises. Step by step it builds up to success.  Everyone likes it so far.  It went directly into the 4th place of the national bestselling list in just 2 weeks. 
Helping at the trainings for me is a great opportunity to help people who are new to NLP - and it is a great opportunity to see and learn from the very best trainers in the world. Life is good!
You can find out more about Trine Aldstedt on her website:
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