NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Meet The Delegates 3: Mairead Whyte, hypnotised by Richard Bandler at the NLP Master Practitioner Seminar - by Matthew Wingett

Mairead Whyte explains that when she got the chance to have a hypnotic motivation boost from Dr Richard Bandler, she was delighted to grab her opportunity with both hands.
Mairead Whyte, who was hypnotised by Dr Richard Bandler for greater motivation
Mairead Whyte
Writer, Confidence Coach and Speaker
Republic of Ireland

Delegate's Name: Mairead Whyte
Age: 37
Job: Writer, confidence coach, speaker
NLP Context: Business and Personal Life
NLP LIFE TRAINING course attended: NLP Licensed Master Practitioner Course, London, 2009
Home Country: Republic of Ireland

 - So, talk me through what it was like to be hypnotised by Dr Richard Bandler?
"The very first thing I noticed as I was going up was that I felt this - well - almost a cloud just coming over me. It was very relaxing - I certainly felt very relaxed, even though my heart was pumping quite a lot as I was walking up to the stage. I felt even more relaxed as I sat down. Richard Bandler is quite tactile - in an okay way, I mean (she laughs). I guess a trance was starting. You know, he's the best in the business - so the trance is just implicit in going up there. I didn't even question that. I felt really relaxed, very quickly."
- What did Richard help you with in hypnosis?
"He was working on me because I'm always starting stuff and not finishing it. So he went to put me into a deep trance. And the thing I thought to myself was I don't do deep trances.  I can be very relaxed, but I don't do deep trances. The thing is, I felt a bit mesmerised by him, I think because of his hand movements. Then I found myself feeling really relaxed, I closed my eyes and just went through conjuring up new pictures inside my own head. Getting into my own space. I would say that I was aware - not really aware of what he was saying, but being aware of myself in my own head - aware of my own personal space. And very happy."
- What did you notice when you came off of stage?
"Well, this was work to do with motivation. What I noticed was that basically the order of two things had changed in my head, after I had relaxed and pictured things. The first thing I did when I got off the stage was I wrote a list. It was basically a list of things to be done in the right order - a two week plan, starting when I get home. What I realised is that the order I now have of doing them means that I can bring one of them forward, which will then give me the motivation to do the other things. When I look at it in this new way, it seems so bloody obvious, but it wasn't obvious before. It's like I was just being thick before.
"It was incredible. I was just so inside myself that I got that space I needed to sort it out and float straight out of the order I was going to do it in before, and do it in the new one instead. I just wrote it down as it came to me when I got off the stage.
"Previously, I would have given myself half a day simply to plan this, because I would have gone between things all the time, saying: I wonder this, I wonder this… What if I moved this around here? I would have then asked myself: What would be the impact if I moved this one up here and this one down here? I'd have analysed it. The difference now is that I just know what to do. Literally, it became the only thing in my head. No interference."
- So what is it that you are working on?
"It's a novel that I'm writing. I was going to finish some other writing before doing the sales and marketing plan. You know, I was going to leave it to after Christmas, to prepare the whole package with the synopsis. I'd no trouble doing anything else, it was just the sales and marketing stuff. That includes the shortlist - seeing editors, agents, this that and the other - and getting myself prepared for going no no no or getting zero response, because I haven't done a novel before.  
"I don’t feel that way now. After this I feel like even if it's editor and publisher number one hundred and four it doesn't matter, I'll just keep going. The important thing is that I can't leave sales and marketing to someone else - this will be about what I can contribute to this, what networks I'm in, what I will do and what my experience is. I've written all this down, too. You know: what my unique selling points are, and what I'm prepared to do to go out and sell and market this.  
"Something else I'll do is build up my speaking abilities to help this, to push this, so that the sales and marketing person in a publishing company will go - okay, we can work with her."
- And that all came from 20 minutes of hypnosis on stage with Richard Bandler?
"The organization and the clarity came. It would have come - but it would have taken a long time. Even last night I thought of new things that I could add to the list. And this morning again I have checked the list, and I looked at it, and I can say that there is nothing I want to alter."
- So to ask my first question again: what's it like to be hypnotised by Dr Richard Bandler?
"It - it's phenomenal!  I had decided that I would take my opportunity as soon as I could, so when he asked for a woman volunteer, my hand was the first up in the air.  
"I really wanted that opportunity. Not only will it help me in my work. Understanding what that state is like will be useful to help other people - and I feel - actually - truly privileged!"

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