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  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP™

  • With Richard Bandler, John La Valle & Kathleen La Valle
  • 11th - 17th May 2015
  • in 192 days
  • Master your own emotions and run your own mind with NLP. Gain instant confidence and motivation in a wide variety of situations. Use language with greater precision and elegance. Change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others. Remove phobias.
  • From£1890.00(VAT included)

Get The Life You Want - Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna

You were born to be great, to succeed, to be a powerful, confident, happy person. If you don't feel like that right now it's time to get back on track ...

After last year's sell out event, next Spring Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna will be delivering a two-day seminar called 'Get The Life You Want'.

Yes, it's true. Richard and Paul will help you Get The Life You Want and deserve!

Masterclass with Dr. Richard Bandler

Entry to this exclusive event is by application only. If you would like to attend, please fill out this form here and we will get back to you once your application has been assessed.

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™


This NLP Master Practitioner seminar develops your mastery of the creative and innovative applications of NLP by giving you an in-depth understanding of NLP's principles and methodology.


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