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NLP Life Talks - Online
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9th - 11th
Oct 2018

Every year, hundreds of people ask Dr Richard Bandler for a personal session.

Only 15 are ever chosen to attend. Only a few seats left.

One of them could be You.
You are invited to apply for an exclusive 3- day session with the Co-Creator of NLP.
These dates will be confirmed once the applicants have been accpted and chosen

May 2018


One amazing day... Ten Industry Leaders...Countless opportunities designed especially for you ..

"When these two trainers get in the training room together, something magical happens"

Why the 'Secrets of Hypnosis' seminar is always so popular

"NLP Master Practitioner training takes your NLP training to a whole new level...

...It gives you mastery of NLP by taking you deeper than ever before."

CPD Accredited Course

"NLP Practitioner training is one of the best investments you can make in your life...

...NLP Practitioner Training with Dr. Richard Bandler, NLP's co-creator, is the best."

CPD Accredited Course

Bernardo Moya's 12 month Mentorship

For years Bernardo Moya has been driven by one powerful idea:

"How can I provide the best ideas in Personal Development and Self Help to as many people as possible, to help people transform their lives?"

Hello, my name is Bernardo Moya. I'm an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter.

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