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Anne McGowan. I found it excellent

Hi Pippa

Thanks for the call today, it was good to chat!
Just a short testimonial about the seminar on Saturday.

Julie....Brilliant, Amazing, wonderful, inspiring, awesome, entertaining!!

Hi Jane,

Lovely to hear from you today. As promised a short email to say how I found the seminar on Saturday:

Brilliant, amazing, wonderful, inspiring, awesome, entertaining!!

We thought Paul’s delivery was really entertaining. The techniques he gave us for cravings and self belief really work, and the demonstrations were pure magic.

The system is simple, makes complete sense and above all else is easy to follow – no more counting calories, checking ingredients, measuring portions and still feeling hungry!

Ellie Sykes. Feel differently

Hi Pippa.
Got a confession to make!! I really really thought that Paul couldn't help me.........

within 2 hours I was already beginning to feel differently.I'll keep you posted on my and my daughters progress every now and then.We're very interested in the 3 day seminar in May.
Could you give me a price for Me, toni and her fiance?

Thank you.
And btw Rachel and the team were FAB.


Emma Brayshaw...."The Personal Enhancement with Richard was Inspiring"....

The Personal Enhancement session with Richard Bandler was inspiring, challenging and filled with laughter.  I feel I have been fine tuned to go get all those things in my life that I have been blocking. What an amazing few days!  The team supporting Richard were inspiring and also challenging, in a really healthy way: to kick and challenge those thought patterns/pictures. I was so excited before attending to meet Richard and the team and now am hyper about my life.

Gylnis Jeffries "Inspirational while keeping it real"

I felt more enthusiastic as the days went on, we used NLP where and when needed, I was constantly looking forward to "whats next" while enjoying what was happening now.

Stephan Specht "The most up do date set of tools..".

The most up to date set of tools for personal change, and you will get quality instructions on how to use them.

Helen Hanspal. Best financial Investment!

This is one of the best financial investments I have ever made in myself. Everyone needs to do this. It has been absolutely life changing. I couldn't recommend this highly enough! If your going to learn then you might aswell learn from the best!


Matt Wingett. I had no idea!

When I first went on the NLP Practitioner training course, I had no idea of the changes and transformations I would see in myself and in others. Richard Bandler and the rest of the team showed me how to identify areas in myself which I needed to improve, and then guided me through how to succeed in my emotional life and in my business connections with a mixture of brilliant humour and the teaching of sound and well proven techniques.

Linda Peach. Go on - you can do it!!

I attended the NLP Practitioner course 21st-27th April 2008. I would like to let anyone who is interested in this course know just how fantastic it really is.


I was very anxious about booking a place on the course and put it off for a long time. Even the thought of travelling to London from Yorkshire and staying in a hotel on my own terrified me.

It took a lot of persuasion and convincing from Steve Kelly from Paul McKenna Training that this was the course for me and I would have a wonderful time.


Ben Cruickshank - How I Solved My Phobia of Spiders

When I was five I woke up with a spider in my mouth. Twenty one years I suffered with a phobia that would stop me sleeping. On the Practitioner course one of the assistants had me holding a Tarantula in twenty minutes.

Ben Cruickshank


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