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Success: What Is It And How Do You Get More? - by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya writes about the nature of success - and the tools that are out there to help you get the success you deserve.
Bernardo Moya,

What You Are Buying - Our Bestsellers - by NLP Life

A quick round up of this summer's NLP hits that are flying off the shelves!
Banishing Phobias, The Bandler Way

Meet The Delegates 20: Hugh Shields

With the Olympics in full swing, we thought it would be good to meet athlete Hugh Shields, who had his life transformed with NLP, and found that it gave him the energy and the motivation to write his first book "Showdown In Moscow".
Hugh Shields
Hugh Shields,
Student at many of Richard Bandler's NLP trainings with NLP Life 

Factbyte - Paul McKenna describes what Hypnosis is like - NLP Life Training

Factbyte - How I Became A Hypnotist, by Paul McKenna - NLP Life Training

Factbyte - How Paul McKenna Helps People Change and What Hypnosis is...

Factbyte - What Is Paul McKenna's Biggest Skill? - NLP Life Training

Kathleen La Valle - What NLP Training Does For Students

Kathleen La Valle describes NLP training with John La Valle and Dr Richard Bandler does for attendees.
Kathleen La Valle, Internationally Recognised Trainer of NLP
Kathleen La Valle,
Internationally Renowned NLP Trainer

Meet The Delegates 19: Clifton McDonald

As part of our dedication to getting NLP to deserving causes, NLP Life invited Clifton McDonald, a youth worker, to attend one of our courses. Here, he describes the way the NLP Practitioner course affected him, during the April 2012 trainings.
Clifton McDonald, NLP Practitioner Delegate
Clifton McDonald,

Video Interview with NLP Master Trainer Kathleen LaValle May 2012


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