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Factbyte - Paul McKenna describes what Hypnosis is like - NLP Life Training

Factbyte - How I Became A Hypnotist, by Paul McKenna - NLP Life Training

Factbyte - How Paul McKenna Helps People Change and What Hypnosis is...

Factbyte - What Is Paul McKenna's Biggest Skill? - NLP Life Training

Kathleen La Valle - What NLP Training Does For Students

Kathleen La Valle describes NLP training with John La Valle and Dr Richard Bandler does for attendees.
Kathleen La Valle, Internationally Recognised Trainer of NLP
Kathleen La Valle,
Internationally Renowned NLP Trainer

Meet The Delegates 19: Clifton McDonald

As part of our dedication to getting NLP to deserving causes, NLP Life invited Clifton McDonald, a youth worker, to attend one of our courses. Here, he describes the way the NLP Practitioner course affected him, during the April 2012 trainings.
Clifton McDonald, NLP Practitioner Delegate
Clifton McDonald,

Video Interview with NLP Master Trainer Kathleen LaValle May 2012

NLP Life video interview with John La Valle May 2012

John La Valle is one of the World's most respected corporate consultants and the co-author of 'Persuasion Engineering'® with Richard Bandler. NLP Life Training spoke to John at the recent Licensed Practitioner of NLP course in London.
John La Valle, President of the Society for NLP

Meet The Delegates 18: Linda Lippert

Linda Lippert is an accountant whose first contact with NLP was through Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler's Get The Life You Want seminar. Here she describes the amazing effects of NLP, and the benefits she has derived from the NLP Practitioner course.
Linda Lippert, NLP Practitioner, Spring 2012

Eastenders' Tanya Franks On Richard Bandler's NLP Practitioner course - by NLP Life

On the final day of the Spring 2012 NLP Practitioner, NLP Life bumped into a well-known face who attended the course.  Here, Tanya Franks of Eastenders talks about what she got from her training.
Tanya Franks is delighted to have banished her fear of spiders
Tanya Franks, actress from the BBC's "Eastenders"



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