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Bernardo Moya, Editor,  Publisher, Author CEO of NLP Life Training and The Best You
The Kingsman – Yes Washington Post, NLP is a real thing!
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The Big NLP Practitioner Survey, Part 2.

The Big NLP Practitioner Survey, Part 1.

NLP Training and the X-Factor by Bernardo Moya

NLP Training and the X-Factor by Bernardo Moya

One of the things I love about shows like X Factor is the way they show ordinary people with extraordinary talents. That guy who looks like the man you pass on the way to work is an amazing singer. The woman who reminds you of your sister can touch peoples’ hearts with her voice.
This book is directed to those who want to go through life truly living it, and not feeling as if they barely made it through. This brief book, packed full of advice and quotes which affirm the marvellous culture which each and every one of us is a part of, invites us to drink fully from the cup of life, to enjoy it, and to play an active role within a collective of ideas, projects, and dreams which can lead us, together, towards new ways of feeling, learning, and looking at life.

I came out the shadows

NLP A transformative experience by Bernardo Moya

Feel And Look Good - A New Weight Loss Programme - by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya talks about a subject close to his heart - how to help people lose weight using the skills that NLP and other coaching techniques offer.
Bernardo Moya

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