NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Diary of an NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler by Karin Momberg

I: Interviewer
KM: Karin Momberg
s.l.: sounds like
KM: So my name is Karin Momberg, I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and I’m here to develop new skills and improve all the skills that I already have, especially communication. I think I’ve been using some of the techniques already and I find them really useful and very quick, so I just want to learn more. I’ve been reading some of the books so it’s quite exciting to be here.
Very relaxing, looking forward to it, yeah, really happy. So, today is day three of the NLP course. We are doing lots of practical exercises. I’ve met a lot of interesting people. The atmosphere is great. I’m very excited, looking forward to 
the rest of the day. 
I wasn’t expecting such a multicultural group so it’s been really, really good, lovely people, a pleasure to be here really.
Well, really funny, John as well, really interesting the way he tells his stories and you learn a lot from them.
Anchoring which can be very, very useful in therapy especially, or anybody can use them, they’re very simple techniques. I would recommend it to everybody, yeah. 
We’re working with the ambiguity, metaphors, the Meta model, the Milton model, presuppositions. I particularly like the use of language really, the metaphors. How can you come across,  how can you send a particular message to your unconscious mind in a story. I have no phobias but it was very interesting to work with other people, so I was able to help others to overcome their fears as well.
I: Did you use some of the training you’ve learnt?
KM: Yes.
I: It’s good practice.
KM: That was good, yeah. Well, one was public speaking, and the other person didn’t have a phobia in particular but it was a fear that he had, so I helped him. Brilliant, excellent, I’m really happy, yeah I love it.

Yesterday we were working with time, so we were using different timelines; different ways of creating change, facilitating change, and that was very interesting because there were things I haven’t worked with before. 
Oh that was great, the atmosphere was brilliant. We were all cheerful and dancing and working together, that was amazing yeah, good practice, everybody helping each other. That was brilliant.
Absolutely fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! I think everything, meeting people from all over, learning new techniques, practicing, seeing demonstrations on stage as well, that was  really interesting. It was just wonderful. What can I say? I’m overwhelmed. I’m really happy, really happy.

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