NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Diary of an NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler by Nofal Zehouni

I: Interviewer
NZ: Nofal Zehouni
s.l.: sounds like
NZ: My name is Hamed Nofal Zehouni. I am from Rabat, Morocco. I am expecting a big change in my life here because I know the potential of the NLP techniques and especially from the creator, the co-creator Richard Bandler. It is amazing. I am waiting this moment years ago.
I: Really?
NZ: To apply it in all my life in communication and in my personal life and also in the professional field, sales, marketing and so on. I read the first books of Richard Bandler,  The Structure of Magic and other books from other specialists, but it is always good to learn from the founder, it is the best training we can have. 
The first day we enjoyed a lot of stuff with Richard Bandler presenting and he is really a genius man! We had a lot of fun, a lot of stories. It is really genuine work. We enjoyed a lot the atmosphere, it was really very good. And after the second day we did workshops with really high level trainers via workshop in different techniques and strategies of NLP, it was very, very exciting. I felt a great change only in two days and in two days I am wondering what is going on, on me, with the exercises we did where we feel that we are learning unconsciously, at unconscious level and it is an experience to live. 
There were people from other countries, multiple nationalities, multiple cultures, and we enjoyed each other in the workshops. It was very nice and we did some networking also. 
It was a very nice experience where we learned a lot some beautiful techniques of NLP like how to build rapport with people, how to deal with the representational systems, some people are more visual, others are auditive, others are kinaesthetic, and so we understand how we think first to make it in use to deal with other people in a nice way, and this is very important if you want to make change in yourself and make change in the life of people that you are around. 
We start developing some automatism when doing so thanks to the nice work here, because as the education is based on unconscious level so we feel more at ease, we are at ease in learning this. We did some workshops where we learned a lot. We did some one-to-one practice of the techniques and it is very nice and today we experienced treatment of the fear and some phobias, phobia from snakes, from spider, and from claustrophobia, and we saw people dealing with those things and how to manage them to go into a better state and to make this phobia disappear and to seem more confident, and as they go through it, it is just a metaphor so they can go through each challenge in their life. 
I got some phobia in some level of public speaking and I did the exercise and it was very outstanding, I like this a lot. Now I feel more confident. The outcome was that I stood up on the stage and I talked to people more confidently. Better than that, I imagined that 3,000 people attending in my speech.

So yesterday we saw one kind of techniques, various techniques, powerful techniques and strategies such as the timeline. The timeline offer the person how to manage it, what is the past, the present, and the future and it defers from one to another and it’s very, very important because a lot of people get stuck because of not knowing how to manage their timeline, so they keep procrastinating, they keep delaying some important things in their  lives and with the timeline technique we know now how to manage better our events important, how to get our internal resources into use for best future and to make this change in our process for the better. 
And today it was an exceptional day because it is the last day, the exam day so some very, very good things happen today. It was not like a normal exam, it was joyful with the teams like tournament and we are very pleased to feel this relaxation and this excitement inside there. It was a kind of tournament and we enjoy it a lot.
To talk sincerely my expectations were high when I came to this course the first day and on-going day after day I found that they gave us more that we expect.
The best learning I have done until now in my life. Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen LaValle did great work and still doing it and I thank also the staff of trainers that help us during the workshops and maintain very, very intense emotions, and I thank also NLP Life team for the professional job, very high professional. Best time.
I: Fantastic.

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