NLP Life Training - 10 Years

I've learnt a lot

I’ve learnt a lot.  It’s definitely opened my eyes up.  Being in sales you tend to meet a lot of people.  You tend to see what’s going on when you’re interacting with them because I have to pay a lot of attention and see if I’ve still got their interest or not. 


So there was a lot of things that I did do in my work that I didn’t do.  I used to do it and think this works but I didn’t know why that was.  And now there’s all these explanations why they work and all these anchors that we’ve learnt and many other techniques that we’ve used and it’s just given me, like really opened up my eyes in trying to focus more on you know in expanding and making it better I guess. 




Testimonial NLP Practitioner with Richard Bandler 16th May 2014


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