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New Year - Now What?

New Year - Now What?

John La Valle


Each year on this day I write an article about resolutions, resolve, etc. And it seems to me to be much simpler to move on.

There are really good articles this month, and rather than me going on and on about how to take the goals you want to accomplish, I'm going to take this time to say the following:

Ditch the resolutions, as well intentioned as they may be. You've already decided what you want to do, so get off your butt, and DO IT!. Making resolutions is nice, but there are more meaningful things you could be doing instead.

Wanting is not enough . . . doing is even better . . . and rather than worry about making that big step, take the steps that are most comfortable to you, it's not only easier, but better for YOU! Easy, better, more comfortable . . . these are all good brain chemical producing . . . worrying is not!

Live your life because it's YOURS! DO THINGS! Going over the top in a do-or-die fashion, is not always the best, either, but doing things is! Find that balance between trying and trying too hard. Both ends of that spectrum are not the best place, but there is a middle ground that will serve you well!

And be consistent! It adds balance . . . Enjoy Your Life, it's the one YOU have! 

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