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The Bandler Effect - single DVD - CREATIVITY

The Bandler Effect - single DVD - CREATIVITY
NOW YOU CAN BUY THE SINGLE DVD RATHER THAN THE FULL 5 DVD BOX SET FOR ONLY £30!!!! Watch Richard Bandler work with clients, as you have never seen before! In this remarkable DVD, Richard Bandler works with two clients who want to move beyond mental blocks and enhance their natural creativity. When watching this DVD, it becomes easy to understand why Richard Bandler is widely considered a genius in the area of personal change. Beautifully filmed to broadcast standard, they capture the intricate detail of Bandler in action. In addition, he provides an explanation of some of his unique methods that have taken a lifetime to develop, but a fraction of the time to teach. Even if you are only watching this to learn the Bandler method, it is highly likely you will notice positive life changes in yourself. "Hear more about how NLP techniques can change your Entire Life for the better in 9 Days with our NLP Practitioner course. Call on 0845 230 2022, where members of our team are waiting to help you see what your future can have in store for you and help you make the right decisions for yourself!"
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