NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Such a pleasure meeting you and Richard at the Masterclass event.

Dear Bernardo, 
It was such a pleasure meeting you and Richard at the Masterclass event. 
I enjoyed every moment, and yes, it was very very insightful. Each single answer of Richard
 to the participant’s questions was of great interest and very precious to me.
I asked Richard how I could resist stress more here in Berlin and get nerves of steel, and I have to admit, since my
return to Germany after the class I am quite more „chilled“ as my daughter says and cool and still I handled so many things efficiently at the same time.
It’s just great. It’s working and I am full of energy. Thank you!!
I am looking forward to the transcription of the class to reread it and also to staying in contact with you and the group.
Thank you for the brilliant organization, the beautiful location, the delicious food, the mixture of very interesting people and mostly for
Richards truly great presence. It felt so amazing to be talking directly to a genius of his kind. He is such a great guy. 
And he helped me a lot !
Thank you for everything and be sure I will recommend this format to everybody I know.
Enclosed please find my picture taken in the end with Richard.
Big hugs from Berlin and keep up the great work!


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