NLP Life Training - 10 Years

The energy ripples round the room!

It’s been really good. I’ve really enjoyed it. Their energy just comes out of the stage at you and it sort of ripples round the room and everybody just, you know, goes with it. It’s really, really... I mean it’s interesting to watch as a coach but it’s also amazing to experience as well because you can always learn something new.
I think any experience you can have like this is going to help you. Any positive experience, getting together with other people who are doing the same thing, other people who are having to get over emotional hurdles or problems that may be I haven’t realised I’m experiencing myself. So that was really good, you know, a bit of enlightenment for that as well.
Richard’s technique is just, he does the unexpected and then when you think that he’s going to do unexpected, he does something that was normal and then something that’s unexpected. So, yeah, and his presence is there. His language is just so hypnotic and so you can really relate to what he’s saying and then he’ll say something that will shock you. What he says just draws you into the stories. Yeah, really good.
...A great experience.
Business coach
Seminar: Get The Life You Want with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler


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