NLP Life Training - 10 Years

The Big NLP Practitioner Survey, Part 1.

Why our students study with Richard Bandler.

We asked our students exactly what they expected from training with Richard Bandler on his NLP Practitioner course. The answers were fantastic.
From ages ranging between 19-70, with a fairly even split of 43% male and 57%
female, way over 90% wanted
  • skills to get them ahead in life (93%)
  • to improve their lives (91%)
  • to increase their effectiveness at work (93%)

Unsurprisingly, considering that NLP is so useful in therapeutic and HR contexts, 88% said they were keen to help others, while 94% said they were interested by new ideas.
On our trainings, the NLP experience and skills of our students varies massively. Thanks to Richard Bandler's training techniques, we are easily able to accommodate the newbie right the way through to the experienced hand who wants to top up their skills.
What our students know already
The vast majority of students on our last Practitioner (nearly 70%) knew only a small amount of NLP, though interestingly around a quarter considered themselves reasonably proficient and 4.5% already used it regularly and considered themselves skilled.

What our students got
The outcomes from the NLP Practitioner course were strongly positive, with 67% saying they experienced a profound learning experience, 73% making discoveries about the nature of their thinking and 82% satisfied they'd learned skills to help others.
Nearly two-thirds had made the realisation they could take control of their lives and well over half discovered how to build confidence, remain optimistic and control stress on the course.
Two thirds reported how to put the bad things in their past behind them and a slightly higher number how to focus on the good things in life.
A staggering 85% reported understanding more about their own thinking.

These results were deeply satisfying.  Our students were also impressed by Richard Bandler's unique training methods.
The vast majority stated they both "learned a lot" (79%) and "laughed a lot" (85%) while others reported having an "overall excellent time" (nearly 70%).
Richard's training uses NLP to teach NLP, through a combination of story telling, demonstrations and exercises designed to give students proficiency in NLP techniques.
We were delighted with these results and thought you should see them for yourselves.
Coming soon - look out also for our students' satisfaction ratings. 


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