NLP Life Training - 10 Years

What You Don't Know . . .

What You Don't Know . . .

The question I get again and again from people is: "What is it that Richard Bandler does that makes it look so easy?"

Early in my training I met Richard Bandler. Before I met him, I was told by many people, "You're crazy if you go to see him." "He's a mad man." "He's this." And "He's that . . ." I'm sure you get the picture. I didn't want to lose the opportunity to see one of the cofounders and so I went.

When I first saw Richard in the training, I also noticed that many others seemed somewhat cautious, yet exhilarated. I found this to be an interesting combination of states. I noticed immediately that Richard was able to keep them at the edge of their seats. I also noticed that before he gave out instructions, he was doing other things that had to do with the instructions.

So, when I noticed that Richard was able to help people change as quickly as he was, I was very curious about that. Every now and again, I find there is even more to learn than I thought there was, and I know there's more to learn! When I'm in seminars with Richard, I am in the training room when he's in front of the audience. Many people ask me why?

My response is easy: I still learn from what I can observe him doing, saying, etc. And I ask later on for the information I may have missed, especially when he was conducting a demonstration of something, and I still appreciate those processes of deletion, distortion and generalization which are contained in each and every sentence, and utterance, and sequence in what he is doing. 

While training with various trainers in the field, I didn't expect any of them to be cookie cutter robots of either of the cofounders, but I did expect some degree of continuity in the basic information, which I didn't find, except for those who trained personally with Richard and John in the early days. I wanted some consistency in my own training and so I decided to train more with Richard, since by that time, Richard and John had gone their separate ways and I had already become acquainted with Richard. Later, I listened to audio tapes, watched videos of others, and to this day, I'm glad I made the decision I made.

Coming to Orlando in March is Richard with his bag of strategies for quick and easy change: "Strategic NLP™", and as if that's not enough, "Hypnotic Patterns for Learning™", as most of what we actually do is teach people to use their brains!

While the basic skills of NLP will remain the same, it's the exciting applications that keep things moving along! I, myself, am ready for this one!

More to learn and more to utilize!

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