NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Advanced Strategies of NLP

"This is a course about producing permanent change, lasting change, the kind of change that's recursive, that keeps evolving a person in the right direction..."

The Course

In this exclusive two day course, Dr Richard Bandler and John LaValle will reveal deeper levels of his approach to his clients. They will show the techniques of NLP in a deeper context, so their students can understand how he puts together specific approaches to individuals.

"This is not about this technique or that technique, it's an advanced course for people who know NLP to find out about how I strategise, to think about using all the techniques I use, to produce change in someone by listening to the kinds of things that they tell me and knowing and understanding what's not there as well as what is there, so that they can change over time and in a direction that will make their life more productive and happier."
- Dr Richard Bandler

Advanced Strategies of NLP

An Exclusive Training Opportunity

Dr Bandler and John LaValle have never offered a course of this scope and depth before in the U.K.
Students will be required to have a good working knowledge of NLP, to have experience in using it and to be already at a minimum of Practitioner level.
Because of the specific requirements of the training, Advanced Techniques of NLP will have a class size strictly limited to 80.

Who is Advanced Strategies of NLP For?

This course will be of great use to therapists, coaches and mentors seeking to enhance their effectiveness for their clients.
It will also help anyone seeking to understand how to apply NLP more powerfully, by revealing the structures on which decisions about its applications are based. By revealing how he strategises in dealing with clients, Dr Bandler and John La Valle will give you new tools, flexibility and elegance in the way you apply NLP, in any context.


We are expecting high interest in this course. To reserve your seat in this strictly limited training, it will be wise to book early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

Tickets and Booking Fees

We release an unspecified number of tickets at a pre-established price, once those are gone, it goes up... and so on.

First Release

$ 749.00

Second release

$ 837.00

Door price

$ 1100.00

17th - 18th
May 2016
In -2145 days
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Location | Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London