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New Year's Slimming Solutions by Akcelina Cvijetic

Are you determined to get fit and slim after the festivities? Follow these tried and tested tips to keep yourself looking svelte, toned and healthy all year long and beyond.

 Do you want to enjoy the process of achieving your ideal weight and make it last? Adjust your attitude first. If your perceive weight loss as a painful, punishing and devoid of pleasure process you are not going to do it. Similarly, if your attitude towards exercise is such that it’s hard and impossible to sustain your motivation will fade away. Success requires a winning attitude. Start looking at achieving a slimmer figure as a reward for
 your body to feel lighter and healthier. Also, start viewing exercise as a chance to get fit
and energised and you will keep it up. 

 Do you want to maintain your new habits? Create a healthy lifestyle to support your ideal weight and exercise programme. Start your day with a cup of hot water and grated ginger. Have scrambled eggs with salmon for breakfast. Fill up half of your plate with vegetables for lunch. Have an early dinner. Include 20 minutes of exercise daily. Remove all the temptations form work and home. Stock up on healthy alternatives so that whatever food you reach out for will be the one that will keep you trim and healthy.
 Do you know why diets don’t work long term? They are generic and restrictive. You need a plan that has been specially tailored to your needs. Invest in a good nutritionist who will help you create healthy eating habits and lifestyle as well as achieve long-lasting results faster and easier. Hire a personal trainer to help you follow the right exercise programme for you.
Are you clear on your goals? If not, now is the time to write down your specific desired outcomes not just “I want to lose weight”. Here are some effective specifics: Your motivations as to why you want to do it. Set a starting and target date to reach your goals.
How much weight do you want to lose? How will you maintain it? What exercise plan are you going to follow and how often? What are the benefits you will get as a result? How will you reward yourself, i.e. massage?
Can you see yourself looking slim? If not, start practising. This is crucial as whatever the mind can see the body can do. Your imagination is much stronger than your will-power.
Start seeing yourself looking exactly how you want to look. Make it so vivid that you can feel the way the new clothes fit and how great you feel. See the excess weight shedding.
Hear the compliments coming your way. Feel great. Practise this before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up. Love yourself and your body and it will love you back!
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