NLP Life Training - 10 Years

NLP A transformative experience by Bernardo Moya

Some say that NLP is about persuasion - and the heart of that is appreciating your own keys to motivation and action.
Some say that NLP is about language - understand the way people put words together and you comprehend the way they make sense of the world.
Some say that NLP is about modelling - the patterns which others use to achieve excellence can be identified, replicated, and used in new ways.

One thing’s for sure - you won’t learn NLP better than from its originator, Dr Richard Bandler. And as he continues to develop new methods, you’re assured of immersion in cutting edge NLP from the man who made it all happen.

NLP Life Training’s Certified Practitioner is a unique experience every time, because the people on the course are different each time. And that means you’re assured of a transformative experience designed just for the group you’re part of, to prepare you for a future you wouldn’t have been able to imagine when you first sit down and allow Richard to work the magic that’s turned round the lives of CEOs and celebrities, entrepreneurs and artists, professionals and parents.
10th - 16th May 2014 in London

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