NLP Life Training - 10 Years

I came out the shadows

Doing the Certified Practitioner with NLP Life Training has switched the light back on for me.

For years, I did the things that I knew would get me where I wanted. And I achieved them. Good job, career progression, loving partner and a succession of bigger houses and cars as my income increased. All fantastic - except inside I was unhappy.

And then I did the NLP Practitioner course. It’s like I’ve come out of the shadows and into the sunshine. Now, I make choices based on what’s right for me and the people in my life. It’s not about impressing anyone, it’s about finding satisfaction, balance, new ways to enjoy what was always there that mean I wake up every day - and shine.



10th - 16th May 2014 in London

Door Price £2626.80 VAT included / Today Price £2090 VAT included

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