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Changing Habits and Compulsions - by Dr Richard Bandler

In this extract from Richard Bandler's bestselling book "Get The Life You Want", Richard talks about the way that you can use good feelings to change the way you respond to the world.
Richard Bandler, Get The Life You Want

Breaking The Chains of Self - Book Extract by Richard Bandler and Owen Fitzpatrick

In this extract from Conversations with Richard Bandler, Owen Fitzpatrick describes a basic model for approaching the "self" which is a long way from most psychological models.

Metaphors And The Client - Book Extract from Magic in Practice by Garner Thomson

Magic In Practice is a brilliant evaluation of how to use NLP alongside conventional medicine, highlighting really useful techniques and approaches for health professionals to use with their patients. Here, Garner Thomson writes about metaphors, and how they can give clues to the context of the client's illness