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Meet The Delegates 17: Gavin Richards

Gavin Richards is a member of Skill Force, a charity that helps allows ex-armed forces to mentor children with behavioural difficulties. As part of the NLP Life Scholarship programme, he about to go on the May 2012 Practitioner Course with Richard Bandler.
Gavin Richards
Gavin Richard, scholar on the 2012 Spring NLP Practitioner course.

The Power of Interests - by Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick discusses how motivation to action comes from really understanding the interests of the person you are working with.
Owen Fitzpatrick,
NLP Master Trainer

Feel And Look Good - A New Weight Loss Programme - by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya talks about a subject close to his heart - how to help people lose weight using the skills that NLP and other coaching techniques offer.
Bernardo Moya

Fighter's Mind - NLP Coaching for Sports Performance - by Alan Whitton

Alan Whitton runs a training company called Fighter's Mind, offering mental performance coaching for fighters and martial artistsHere, Alan talks about his pathway to using NLP with sport, and how he gets peak performance from his clients.

Beginning to Turn The Tides - by Matt Wingett

A new e-book by Matt Wingett would never have happened if not for the events in an NLP Practitioner Training, three and a half years ago. 
Turn The Tides Gently, by NLP Life Editor, Matt Wingett

NLP and Planning Your Future - by NLP Life Training

The following article gives you a brief outline of how Licensed NLP Practitioners use timelines.