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Over The Threshold - from Paul McKenna's "Quit Smoking Today"

In this extract from his book, Quit Smoking Today, Paul McKenna describes what drives people to suddenly stop - the Threshold.
Paul McKenna's Quit Smoking Today
Paul McKenna's Quit Smoking Today

Getting Into The Olympic Zone by Matt Wingett

Matt Wingett describes how the Olympics are a great chance to model the best in the world.
The Secrets of Success, in which Richard Bandler finds out the strategies of the great Olympians.

Power Of Hypnosis Recognised By Doctors - by Matthew Wingett

Every year, hypnosis and the power of the mind is being more and more recognised as a vital element within the health framework.  A new report highlights the potentials of hypnosis to save the NHS millions of pounds, writes Matthew Wingett.

Doctors are finally beginning to appreciate

UP Daily Reminders for a more upbeat life - by Nita Saini

Nita Saini talks about her latest book, "UP", the long years of depression that she was forced to face, and how NLP and right mindfulness gave her the power to come off the Seroxat, for good.
Nita Saini
Author of "UP"