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Relax In A Minute: 6 Steps To Instant Calm - by Tony Wrighton

Tony Wrighton talks about his latest ebook and how you can learn to relax quickly and easily.
Tony Wrighton, Author of Relax in a Minute
Tony Wrighton,
Author of "Relax In A Minute"

Goodbye to a Long Bad Day - by Matthew Wingett

Our whole approach to problems by medicalising them often makes them seem worse than they really are, as one of Matthew Wingett's clients discovered over a chat and a hot chocolate... 
Matthew Wingett, Editor, NLP LIFE

NLP, Boosting Health and Beating Stress - by Dr Natheera Indrasenan

Dr Natheera Indrasenan is the UK’s only Licensed NLP Master Trainer approved by Dr Bandler and the Society of NLP who is also a practising doctor of nearly 20 years. In this article, she tells Matthew Wingett how she became interested in NLP and the benefits she sees every day.
Dr Natheera Indrasenan
Dr Natheera Indrasenan, NLP Master Trainer