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Eastenders' Tanya Franks On Richard Bandler's NLP Practitioner course - by NLP Life

On the final day of the Spring 2012 NLP Practitioner, NLP Life bumped into a well-known face who attended the course.  Here, Tanya Franks of Eastenders talks about what she got from her training.
Tanya Franks is delighted to have banished her fear of spiders
Tanya Franks, actress from the BBC's "Eastenders"


When You're Up To Your Neck In Hot Water - by Matt Wingett

It's a funny old thing, but the Olympics have come to London when there's a crisis in the air, and for Matt Wingett, it's about time we started counting our blessings.
The London Olympics
London's 1948 "Austerity Games" were a huge success, despite the country being flat broke.

Olympic Secrets, from Gold Medallist Iwan Thomas - by Matt Wingett

Matt Wingett watches and reviews Iwan Thomas and Richard Bandler's encounter, in which Dr Bandler uncovers The Secrets of Success from the Olympic athlete.
Gavin Richards

Six Months On From The Prac - The Continuing Effect of NLP by Avni Trivedi

Avni Trivedi attended the NLP Practitioner Course in October 2011. In this interview for NLP, she talks about the changes NLP made to her life and the way she works with her clients in practice, 6 months on.
Avni Trivedi,
Scholar with NLP Life Training

The Fun At The Heart of The NLP Practitioner Course - by Matt Wingett

Matt Wingett describes the surprising effect of enjoying yourself while learning at the NLP Practitioner Course with Dr Richard Bandler and John and Kathleen La Valle.
Matt Wingett,
Editor, NLP Life

Anticipate The Trends In Your Industry - by Anne Jirsch

Anne Jirsch describes how a simple technique can help you to get more in control of your future, and anticipate surprises. 

Attraction vs Chasing - the secrets of being attractive to women - by Ali Campbell

As one of the UK's most successful NLP coaches, and the "NLP mentor to the stars", Ali Campbell has wide experience in applying NLP in many different siutations.  In this, the first of a series of articlues about how men can be more attractive to women, Ali looks at how so many men make their an unhelpful  mindset.
Ali Campbell