NLP Life Training - 10 Years



Posture Tip: Wave The Magic Wand - by Michele Paradise

On 10th September Michele Paradise will speak at the Excellent for Business NLP Workshop about looking and feeling fantastic when public speaking.  Here's a great tip to improve posture.
Michele Paradise - NLP LIFE Academy Trainer

Beating Fear - and Growing Up - by Dr Stephen Simpson

As a build-up to The Excellent For Business NLP Workshop, Dr Stephen Simpson looks at the mistakes some business people make when they think they lack confidence.
Dr Stephen Simpson, NLP Trainer
Dr Stephen Simpson

Left Brain, Right Ahead - How Trance States Can Unlock Creativity - by Matthew Wingett

For thousands of years human beings have been putting themselves into altered states of consciousness in order to achieve insights, healing and knowledge. Even some of our most rational thinkers use trance, whether they know it or not. So, how do you get more creative? Matthew Wingett describes one way to arrive at the elusive creative state.

Success: What Is It And How Do You Get More? - by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya writes about the nature of success - and the tools that are out there to help you get the success you deserve.
Bernardo Moya,

OWN THE ROOM...well, at least part of it! - by Michele Paradise

As part of her discussion of Presentation Skills, and using your NLP abilities to affect how others react to you, Michele Paradise explores How To Be Confident.
Michele Paradise,

Celebrating Three Years In NLP Life - by Bernardo Moya

As the first three years as CEO of NLP Life Training come around, Bernardo Moya reflects on his time as the head of the world's largest NLP Training Organisation.
Bernardo Moya, Deviser of The Great NLP Extravaganza"
Bernardo Moya,
CEO, NLP Life Training

How Not To Be "Autistic" - by Matthew Wingett

When there are voices all around you telling you you can't do something, writes Matthew Wingett.  Consider the London cabbie for inspiration!
Matthew Wingett, Editor, NLP LIFE