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NLP Life video interview with John La Valle May 2012

John La Valle is one of the World's most respected corporate consultants and the co-author of 'Persuasion Engineering'® with Richard Bandler. NLP Life Training spoke to John at the recent Licensed Practitioner of NLP course in London.
John La Valle, President of the Society for NLP

Review: The Bridal Coach DVD Set by Tilly Whim

Tilly Whim talks about some of the disasters that can happen at weddings when they are approached in the wrong state of mind - and how The Bridal Coach DVD Set could have made all the difference to a friend's wedding.
The Bridal Coach DVD set

Video Footage: Michele Paradise on Presentation - by NLP Life

If you've ever wanted to have fantastic presence in front of an audience, Michele Paradise is a trainer with a great track record of delivering a talk with ease and a sense of fun.  This free video is a way for you to get to know her a little better, and enjoy her style, and the way she teaches presentation skills.

Sneak Peek At The Secrets Of Success - by Matthew Wingett

Matthew Wingett describes the sneak preview he got of the soon-to-be-released Secrets of Success DVD box set, with Richard Bandler.
Richard Bandler and Andrew Morris discuss the Secrets of Success
Richard Bandler and Andrew Morris discussing The Secrets of Success