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Paul McKenna's Mentor set to teach others hypnosis at the NLP Practitioner this Autumn 2012

The Licensed Practitioner of NLP with Richard Bandler is available to book now!
Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler will teach you the Licensed Practitioner of NLP in London, this October.

Richard Bandler's Autumn 2012 Practitioner Course Now Booking

We're delighted to announce that NLP Life Training are now taking bookings for the next NLP Practitioner Course, to be held in London between 22nd and 28th October 2012.

And we're even more pleased to announce that there are substantial earlybird discounts available for those who book their place early - check our website for for more information here.

The course continues to be hugely popular - with recent attendance on the course by actress Tanya Franks (the BBC's Eastenders), alongside numerous businessmen, actors, therapists and many others. Since they were all intending to use the skills of NLP in their own personal lives and at work, it's clear there's something in the NLP Practitioner course for everyone!

"It is always a pleasure to see students at the NLP Practitioner Course learn the unique approach to mind made famous devised by Dr Bandler and made so famous by Paul McKenna," says Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training. "The fact is that in tough times and easier times, NLP gives you the skills you need to get more from yourself and others. That's a definite bonus in the current times, and it's the reason the NLP Practitioner Course remains so popular."

The course will teach you how to take personal responsibility, get over phobias, anxieties and fears, become more motivated and more focussed on the things you want from life, and develop "the NLP attitude" - a sense of robust confidence. 

Short for "Neuro-Linguistic Programming", NLP is used extensively throughout life-coaching and by elite sportspeople.

Employed by alternative practitioners, HR managers, salespeople and negotiators, it has numerous powerful uses. It also has an incredible number of practitioners. More than 100,000 people have been trained in NLP by Dr Bandler in the UK alone!

What's unique about this course is how Dr Richard Bandler uses his unique knowledge of NLP to teach. He has the longest experience of using the skills of NLP, and has honed his courses to a precise format that teaches people all they need to know about becoming an NLP Practitioner in 7 days.

To find out how you can learn the skills of NLP from the man who invented the term "NLP", students should go to or call 0845 260 7930, now!

For further information go here or call 0845 260 7930, now

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