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Your Chance To Attend Richard Bandler's Introduction To NLP in 2012

NLP Life are pleased to announce the latest seminar with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna - Get The Life You Want, October 2012!
Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler will give you an Introduction to NLP in London, this October.

Time To Get The Life You Want With Paul McKenna And Richard Bandler

NLP Life are pleased to announce the latest seminar with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna - Get The Life You Want, October 2012!
We've got some great news for everyone who's serious about making their lives better - thanks to Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler.
After their massively popular 2 day seminar last year, Paul and Richard invite you to join them again this autumn, live on stage in London at their latest Get The Life You Want seminar.

12 To The Best: Interview with Stephen Simpson, The Golf Doctor

Our sister company The Best You Can Be has been interviewing top trainers from around the world in a series of 12 tweets. Here, we interview Dr Stephen Simpson, The Golf Doctor, in "12 To The Best".
Dr Stephen Simpson, the golf doctor
Dr Stephen Simpson, The Golf Doctor.

When You're Up To Your Neck In Hot Water - by Matt Wingett

It's a funny old thing, but the Olympics have come to London when there's a crisis in the air, and for Matt Wingett, it's about time we started counting our blessings.
The London Olympics
London's 1948 "Austerity Games" were a huge success, despite the country being flat broke.

Olympic Secrets, from Gold Medallist Iwan Thomas - by Matt Wingett

Matt Wingett watches and reviews Iwan Thomas and Richard Bandler's encounter, in which Dr Bandler uncovers The Secrets of Success from the Olympic athlete.
Gavin Richards

Meet The Delegates 17: Gavin Richards

Gavin Richards is a member of Skill Force, a charity that helps allows ex-armed forces to mentor children with behavioural difficulties. As part of the NLP Life Scholarship programme, he about to go on the May 2012 Practitioner Course with Richard Bandler.
Gavin Richards
Gavin Richard, scholar on the 2012 Spring NLP Practitioner course.

Breaking The Chains of Self - Book Extract by Richard Bandler and Owen Fitzpatrick

In this extract from Conversations with Richard Bandler, Owen Fitzpatrick describes a basic model for approaching the "self" which is a long way from most psychological models.

Metaphors And The Client - Book Extract from Magic in Practice by Garner Thomson

Magic In Practice is a brilliant evaluation of how to use NLP alongside conventional medicine, highlighting really useful techniques and approaches for health professionals to use with their patients. Here, Garner Thomson writes about metaphors, and how they can give clues to the context of the client's illness