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Three Amazing Days in Wembley - by Matthew Wingett

On Friday 1st May 2009, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Michael Neill commenced their first Change Your Life in 3 Days seminar, at the Great Hall, Wembley Stadium, to a beautiful backdrop of sunshine and brightness. Matthew Wingett reports on these three transformative days.
Rising up into the massive structure of Wembley Stadium on its shiny, high escalators, and looking down through the great glass frontage at the streets below, it is clear just what message the warmly welcoming

How to Install Your Psychic Antennae - by Anne Jirsch

Professional psychic Anne Jirsch describes how a brief encounter with an NLP modeller gave her a deeper insight into how she gets her results, by tuning into the messages being sent to her through her kinaesthetic rep system.
Anne Jirsch, NLP Trainer