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The Power of Your Unconscious - by Dr Richard Bandler

In this extract from his book Get The Life You Want, Richard Bandler explains the basics of what makes an unconscious mind, and how easy it can be to change.
Richard Bandler, Get The Life You Want
Richard Bandler's Get The Life Your Want

The Power of Your Unconscious

The Freeway to Change

Think of your mind as being made of a conscious and an unconscious portion. Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that analyses, criticizes and thinks logically all day long.  It is where you put your attention.  Your unconscious is the part of your mind controls your bodily functions, from your heartbeat to your breathing.  It is where all your memories are stored and where you wisdom, creativity and problem-solving capabilities reside.

When you are asleep, your conscious mind is resting and not really doing too much, but your unconscious is dreaming wildly and continues to help you process what has happened during the day. 

Everyone reading this book will have heard the expression Sleep on it as advice for tackling a problem.  That's because your unconscious has the ability to help you see things from a different perspective.  Your unconscious is also where most of your mental habits function.  Whenever we learn to do something with our minds, it becomes automated, and so we become unconsciously skilled at it.

These skills can be skills of depressing ourselves, hesitating, stressing ourselves out or feeling terrified and hopeless. They can also be skills of feeling really good, motivating ourselves, becoming relaxed or being more confident and hopeful.

"We are always in one trance or another.  A trance is simply a state where we are absorbed with our thoughts."

For over thirty-five years, I've spent most of my time finding out how to help people change their unconscious habits or skills so that they could start manifesting the kind of life that they want.  Often, I achieve this through hypnosis.  By putting a person into trance, I can help them go inside and make changes powerfully.

Trance enables you to speak directly to the unconscious portion of the person so you can help them form new habits, unconsciously.  That's how Milton H Erickson and the great hypnotists I've studied over the years got great results.  One of the best discoveries I made, however, was that it's possible to help people make these changes without hypnotizing them.

We are always in one trance or another.  A trance is simply a state where we are absorbed with our thoughts. People ask me if I ever have a problem getting someone into a trance, and I never do.  I sometimes have a problem getting them out of the trances that they are in, the altered states where they make stupid decisions and think stupid thoughts, but trance is an everyday phenomenon.

With the technologies I've created over the years, such as Design Human Engineering and Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning, I've found ways that people can go ahead and make unconscious changes themselves without needing to be put into a trance.  Just the process of going through the simple thought experiments in the book will mean you find basic yet immensely powerful tools that will assist you to make changes in your own unconscious habits so that you can change your life...

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