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Richard Bandler - An Insiders Guide to Sub Modalties

Richard Bandler - An Insiders Guide to Sub Modalties
An Insider's Guide to Submodalities, is a step-by-step nlp manual that enables you to use Submodalities to improve the quality of your own life and to assist others to make generative changes in their behavior. Submodalities are the nlp component elements of representational systems: visual, auditory,kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. We take information in from the external world using our five senses, and those same senses are utilized internally to process information. We see pictures, hear sounds and have feelings on the inside. People use predicates (verbs, adverbs, and adjectives) specific to the representational system they are functioning in. As you listen to the language people use, they are much more specific than that. You must begin to hear the language they use to describe their experience and to take it literally. People will talk about "needing to get things in perspective" or "wanting some distance" from a problem. These are Submodality descriptions and they will tell you a lot about what is influencing someone. NLP™ is a set of skills, techniques, it is a methodology. The nlp methodology requires you to go slowly and to make comparisons. To operate on this level means that you go down to the most basic components of brain processing. From what we know at this time, those basic components are the Submodalities. You can begin to notice that it takes a very small incremental shift on the structure of subjectivity to be able to make a change. Beginning to do this slowly and methodically is also the process by which you will sort out the Submodalities and begin to understand how to make transitions in your own brain.
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