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Tina Taylor Painless Childbirth


"Something that has always intrigued me is the minds ability to control various sensations or our perception of sensations.  Specifically the sensation labelled pain. How is it that we have different “pain thresholds”; and that one persons pain can be another’s pleasure. This question brought my attention to childbirth and what is it that makes birth easy for some women and difficult for others?

Through my studies I discovered Dr Grantly Dick Read an English Doctor who had similar questions to my own.  He said that women who had easy births appeared to be in a trance like state.  As a hypnotist I begun to explore ways in which hypnosis can help with pain control.
From there my childbirth classes evolved, and from my years of working with women to help them achieve the birth experience they want this book has evolved".

Tina has been running childbirth classes teaching her clients how to use hypnosis, DHE and NLP in childbirth for over 10 years, both her grandchildren were born at home using these techniques enabling her daughter to have a drug free birth experience.
The exercises and techniques in this book have been taken from her client sessions as well as from the birth of her grandsons.  This book offers simple and straightforward instructions.
Paul McKenna says:

"Tina Taylor has written an excellent book for anyone expecting a baby. It's a goldmine of techniques and helpful information. Tina's years of experience and dedication to helping others have created a wonderful guide to making the experience of childbirth much easier". 


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