NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Brian Muldoon


I teach and coach people how to build online courses that they can sell and profit from, by simplifying the entire process, which can be a daunting and expensive venture, if you don’t know exactly where to begin and how to put it all together.

I’m a Strategic Intervention Coach myself. I provide strategies that help people win at the inner game, the part that holds so many people back from living a rich and abundant life.

Five years ago, when I first began building my coaching practice. I realised that there were only so many hours in a day to meet clients face to face, and that keeping my diary full with high paying clients was going to be the big challenge for me. Sound familiar?

That’s when I thought about taking my knowledge and skill and packaging it into online courses. It didn’t take long for me to discover how much money people, just like you and I, were making selling their online courses.

However, it ended up being way harder than I though it would be. I made a lot of mistakes, and it cost me a lot of time and money, but I eventually figured everything out.

I realised that I wasn’t alone. There were thousands of other people who wanted to teach what they know online, but ended up getting put off once they saw what was involved.

I created XSELLERATOR Online Course Creator for people who are serious about taking their knowledge and expertise online, so they can reach a wider audience and attract more clients, faster and easier than ever before!

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