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Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay, mentor to small businesses as well as an international trainer, speaker and author of three books, his most recent is called Power To Succeed.
Elliot is the managing director of Strategic Brilliance Services – strategically working with business to grow their current businesses to £100k+ He is the commercial director of Pony Express Speakers Club Ltd.
Elliot as well as running his business in the UK, he has also worked in the USA, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. He currently focuses on working with speakers, coaches and trainers to build a long-term sustainable business through his proven strategies. Elliot has also worked personally with financial directors, property investors and many different types of business owners to strategically increase turnover and grow their business.
He is the creator of Power To Succeed now known as The Confidence Breakthrough, a two-day experiential training program. The seminar offers the steps to understand what success is and what could be holding back many business owners and individuals from achieving their goals.
It wasn’t so long ago, he was lying in his flat in Acton wondering how he was going to pay rent and if he would ever find true love.
Through both his strategy and confidence breakthrough, Elliot managed to turn his situation round, not only did he save his business and created two more. He has found true love too.
As part of giving back Elliot also gives his knowledge, time and insights to the Princes’ Trust where he is a mentor on the innovation scheme.
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