NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Kate Cross


Kate Cross’s work will take you on a voyage of self-discovery, to unlock your truth and set yourself free.  She will lead you to a place of certainty free from the cycles of self-sabotage, self-doubt and fear.

After putting a love of the stage and writing on hold to pursue a business education and corporate career Kate subsequently suffered with multiple eating disorders along with drug and alcohol dependencies, living in a cycle of self-sabotage, fear and crippling self-doubt, she lived in a dark internal world for over 20 years before setting herself free. Following her recovery she stepped away from her successful recruitment business to dedicate her life to inspiring, supporting and empowering women to unlock their truth and stand in their power.

As an international speaker and self-discovery writer she combines her true passions with her transformational teachings, in her events and workshops she shares the exact same steps she took to recover you will learn to embrace the women you know you can be, to walk in your purpose, to stand in your power, find peace in your power, to heal in your power.

A licensed NLP Practitioner, Certified IIN Health Coach, Life Coach and Energetic Healer she uses a variety of modalities in her ever evolving teachings

“My mission is to be a light in the darkness, to stand in my truth and walk in purpose empowering women all over the world to stand in their personal power”

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