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Nikki Collins

Nikki is a well-being consultant and entrepreneur, who has attracted much interest from wellness experts for her original thinking and bravery in business.
Described as an “inspiration” by Breathworks Founder Vidyamala Burch, Nikki, less than a decade ago, was told to expect a life of disability and mental illness following a hit and run which ended her professional riding career.
In an attempt to help her come to terms with her prognosis her medical team prescribed mindfulness and, sceptically, Nikki began meditation.
To her surprise, within months the results were undeniable, as Nikki had recovered fully and she discovered a passion for psychology in an attempt to understand how she had defied such odds. Whilst studying, Nikki was struck by the prevalence of anxiety and mental health disorders in children in today’s society and by the fact that there was no easy or accessible help available to them.
She asked why help wasn’t being made available to them in the form of a kid’s character, something they could grow up with, relate to, and enable them to learn about about mindfulness and complementary psychological techniques implicitly.
From that Nikki set about designing a range of products that would take mindfulness into the homes of all children across the world in the next five years and combat our global anxiety epidemic in children.
She launched her company, Max Mindpower, in January and has already claimed one of the largest industry awards and has been described as a “game changer” by industry experts.
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