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The Businessperson's NLP Handbook

Business Brilliance: The Essential Businessperson's NLP Handbook

"How to truly shine in the business world by using NLP to become the most powerfully effective business operator you can be."
Description: 20 brilliant chapters giving you the vital skills you need to use NLP in business.

The Educator's NLP Handbook

Educational Excellence: The Educator's NLP Handbook

"Accelerate education and empower students to learn more and faster through NLP."
Description: 20 chapters revealing how NLP empowers students.

The NLP EXPERTS Handbook

NLP MASTERY: The NLP Experts Handbook

"Learn from true stories of transformation and excellence by 25 NLP experts."
Description: 25 chapters revealing how expertise in NLP brings about amazing results in all areas of life.

The Public Speaker's NLP Handbook

The Compelling Voice: The Essential Public Speaker's NLP Handbook

"The masters of public speaking show you how you can make your mark."
Description: 20 of the world's best communicators teach you how to speak your compelling message

The Sportsperson's NLP Handbook

Higher, Faster, Stronger: The Essential Sportsperson's NLP Handbook

"How NLP can transform teams and individuals and take them to extraordinary levels of performance."
Description: 20 Leading coaches and sportspeople reveal the secrets of the elite in the world of sports.

The Hypnotist's NLP Handbook

Hypnotic Power: The Essential Hypnotist's NLP Handbook

"The world's most effective hypnotists reveal how it's really done."
Description: 20 extraordinary articles that teach the most effective techniques of hypnosis and how to use it.

The Therapist's NLP Handbook

Therapeutic Excellence: The Essential Healer's NLP Handbook

"How you can use NLP in any therapeutic context to become a brilliant, focused therapist."
Description: How to apply NLP to make any practice or healing context more enriching and wholesome.

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