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NLP Life Training Now CPD

NLP-Life Training Now CPD

Because you asked – now you're going to be CPD accredited.

A little while ago, some of our students that suggested our trainings should be CPD accredited. We decided it was a great idea. That's why we went to the CPD Certification Service and told them all about our courses. They checked the content, and agreed with us – these NLP and other seminars are an excellent to your Continuing Personal Development:

What is CPD?

If you don't know about CPD, or Continuous Personal Development, it's the gold standard of recognition for the many skills you've acquired that don't have academic qualifications. 
It's about expanding as a person, and showing employers you have experiences and skills beyond the academic qualifications. 
In a world that's moving ever faster, on-going CPD helps you structure your career progression, and take on new skills as you go.
We're delighted to be CPD recognised by the CPD Certification Service!

What CPD means for you:

As well as being taught by world leaders, by the world's largest Personal Development trainer, you can also use your certificate to show employers how you've been developing yourself. 
Because of that, CPD makes you more employable!
That's not all. Remember: Some employers also offer bursaries for CPD.  Ask your boss – you might be able to get help coming on our courses, too! 
I hope to see you on our courses soon!
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