NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Robert Brennan - Secrets of Hypnosis

I attended the hypnosis weekend and it was a brilliant demonstration of what is really possibly with NLP & hypnosis. 
It opened my eyes to what I am capable of with the right guidance, as I had several successful experiences with people in the paired work break out sessions. 
I have also done far more hypnosis in the weeks since the weekend and have had more referrals and rebookings from clients. Some who had a lifelong phobia released in an hour or two and just want to keep coming back now for relaxation and to feel good! 
I watch every Richard Bandler clip I can now and have bought his book on Milton Eriksson too to further my knowledge. 
So all in all thanks very much for a transformational two days, and I'll be on something else soon no doubt to learn more...
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