NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Roshina Khan


Roshina is passionate, focused and is able to build quick rapport to motivate and inspire people to be their very best. She creates space for others to think and rediscover what they really want to achieve and how to achieve it. She connects all the dots from the personal, professional and organisational self.

Roshina has held a number of executive positions during her career allowing her to connect with the needs of the organisation and adapt her coaching style to get the desired outcomes.

Roshina now runs her own successful business in Executive/Business Coaching inspiring leaders to get clarity, focus and creating accountability to achieve their goals.

With an academic background in psychology, she is able to utilise her skills and create the valuable connection in various capacities: leadership, team skill development, coaching, and cultural diversity.

Roshina obtained qualifications in psychology, management, coaching, mediation and most importantly as an NLP trainer.

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