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The Secret of Resilience and Strategies for Success

In this exchange at one of his mentoring sessions, Richard was asked by a client who wants to be an "activation coach" (a coach who helps people realise and achieve their potentials) how he could maintain resilience against setbacks while he built up his business.
Richard's answer deals with a far wider question – what is the student's strategy that will help him achieve success?

Questioner: My question is; how do I work on my resiliency as I build up my business?

Richard Bandler: Well in order to be resilient, you have to fail at something so you're going to have to go out and fail at least a couple of times - and then you can learn to be resilient. That would be the first bit of advice I would have. Who knows, maybe you already are resilient. We don't know.

But I would think there's bigger questions like where the fuck are you going to get clients from, because there's lots of people in the world that need to be activated, so to speak, that need to come alive but you're going to have to let people know that this is something that needs to be done.

I would say write a book, that would be a good thing, pamphlets. Get people talking about it. Write a blog. Get some clients in the door and find out what needs to be activated because what are you going to activate them to do, do you know? - That's too long before you answer. If you haven't answered by now then that qualifies as I have no idea. But, see it's not enough to just make up a word, you have to have activities to go with it. See he's lucky, we can look at blank paper and then just start drawing and find out what comes out. That's called modern art. I take ink and just pour it together sometimes and let the colours mould and then take a brush and start to make things out of it.

But you see, when you're dealing with people, you have to make a little more sense than that because if somebody doesn't want to buy my art, it's not the end of the world. Eventually they will, there is somebody who will like anything on this planet, I know, I've been over their houses. A really, really super rich guy brought me over his house here in London. He had bought the top floor of a building that overlooks The Thames.

He actually bought the top floor and put another floor on with his own elevator, which tells me he's got more money than God. When you walk out of the elevator into his apartment, there's a sheep on either side encased in plexiglas that was done by some famous artist that he spent almost $1m on. He bragged about that to me. I looked at the sheep guts over here and the sheep guts over here and the sheep face all cased in there and I thought, "Well there's something for everybody now, isn't there?" Knowing that that's true, you still have to coax the people in through the door. You're going to have to have the skills to activate them. You're going to have to have a plan to activate them. I think the first person you should activate should be you. You should be the test case.

Questioner: Yes, absolutely.
Richard Bandler: So is there more to this question?
Questioner: No, that was it.
Richard Bandler: Okay. Start. That would be my answer to you, start.

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