NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Supreet Oberoi


A unique component of this programme is the science of Prana, our body energy system, a necessary knowledge that, if imparted from as early as a toddler, will make them learn about their energy body, their aura just the way they learn about heart & lungs.

This programme also teaches them techniques and tools to keep their body & mind strong, sharp, healed, blissful and achieve the seemingly ‘Impossible.’ Supreet has developed Mighty Little Souls (MLS)- Empowered Prana Kids with the view to Create Extraordinary Habits to Create Extraordinary Lives. MLS allows the children to experience their internal guiding system; the inner compass to give direction towards clarity & success and to attain leadership attributes. Her mission is to make it a part of every school curriculum as the research shows that 3 out of every 4 mental illnesses start in childhood.

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