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Testimonial Personal Enhancement for Sylvia

I went to see Richard Bandler because i had a hash addiction, the main reason why i smoked so much, around ten joints a day, was to forget what happened to me.
And because I lost the joy for life.
My story, I lost my child on sids in 1986, Jeffrey was only 4.5 months and I was only 19. I was devastated for 3years, than i met my husband and we were very happy for 15 years and had two beautiful girls.
In 2003 the terrible news came that my husband had Pick disease, a terrible form of dementia that can happen to young people, a year later he died, I took care of him till his last breath, he died in my arms, he was only 38.
I had a very hard time with my daughters to give this terrible loss a place and to find the strength to move on.
After 3 years i met a new man, a doctor from the U.S.A. I was so happy and so were my girls, i was with him for 8 years, than i found out that he was cheating on me the whole time i was with him, he had lied to me without blinking his eyes, his son told me that his father had multiple affairs.
I was so crushed by all this betrayal that i lost so much in me, my heart and soul were in so much pain, i hardly left the house, just wanted to be left alone.I cried so many months and i started to smoke a lot of hash, didn,t want to think about my ex anymore, i couldn't stop thinking about him and why.
i started to read a lot of books to find peace and the how to move on again, just didn,t feel any strength in me anymore to do so .
2 books stood out for me , the book from Viktor Frankl Man’s search for ultimate meaning. And the book from Rchard Bandler Get the life you want.
I loved both books and it gave me hope. And i wanted to meet Richard Bandler.
He gave by coincidence a 3 days hypnoses course in my hometown Amsterdam.
I went to see him and i loved listening to him and wanted to learn NLP and Hypnoses , so that i could help others that were hurting and didn,t know how to move on.
There i met my two teachers , Joost van de leij , to learn NLP and Martijn Groenendal to learn conversational hypnoses .
I started to feel a lot better attending those courses, yet i still stayed a lot of time in my house and still couldn't,t stop smoking hash.
Than i came across the 3 days Personal enhancement course from Richard Bandler.
And i knew the Richard Bandler would cure me from my addiction and love life again.
So i invested the big amount of money to meet him in person.
The man that got me out of the house 2.5 years ago and gave me a new goal in life, to want to be a very good coach to help others.
Those 3 days were amazing to meet the best Hypnotist in the world. After the hypnoses and his wise lessons , my life truly transformed amazingly.
Not one more second sins i came back home did i think about hash, the past was really over, not one more second of thinking went about my ex, my memory is great again and i now go out of the house with joy.
I feel confident and strong and ready to start helping other people who grieve,and living in the now and the past is really over.
At least 1 time a day i say in my thought
Thank you Richard Bandler. Sylvia Copier
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