NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Nancy

Thank you so much for the Bandler Mentorship Program.  It has prepared me for future success in ways I could not have imagined.
I realized the return on my investment in the first one-on-one with Dr. Bandler.  Upon presenting my business plan, Dr. Bandler quickly identified key issues that would have led to significant loss in time and money if I had continued on my proposed trajectory.  These insights alone, saved me the amount I had spent on the program.  
Furthermore, Dr. Bandler made important observations about my existing skills and talents, identifying 'rough edges' that needed to be honed.  Throughout the following months of the program, transformation occurred simply, elegantly, and quite effectively.  Bandler installed new ways of responding to challenges that have created a propulsion system for me to catapult into greater opportunity.
As a result of working directly with Dr. Bandler, I have identified and implemented new ideas and programs that will reap tremendous rewards over the years to come.
The group dynamics of the Mentorship program are also important.  As a corporate consultant and executive coach, the opportunity to watch Dr. Bandler work with others in the cohort provided a unique opportunity to watch a master at work.  Not only did I realize massive change, I got to witness and applaud the changes in the rest of the members.  
As an added bonus, business and personal relationships were forged during the retreats and conference calls.  When people go through massive, life-changing processes together, they form bonds that last.  This is an excellent group of colleagues and friend with which I look forward to continued, shared success.
Thanks again to you and your team for a job well done!
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