NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Diary of an NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler by Robert Matthees

Robert Matthees
RM: Robert Matthees
s.l.: sounds like
RM: Yeah, my name is Robert Matthees, I’m living in London and I work in the area of marketing and user experience. Yeah, I hope to find some answers and get some cool ideas about effective communication actually with others and with myself on the other hand, so like yeah, what is it about, so see how I respond, how I perceive specific situations and how to manage all the changes in my life. 
I got in touch with NLP some years ago doing a sales training. Basically it was what I heard was mainly about building rapport with other people and I found it quite interesting and it proved itself to be useful. Yeah, the first day was amazing actually, a very nice introduction and everything and we were curious about everything what’s going on because we didn’t understand probably what’s going on, what they are presenting. But afterwards they gave us a background, a lot of theory and a lot of insights which were really useful and now we are on the second day it started that everybody got into the topics and people were interacting more, which was really nice to see.
On the second day, the second part of the second day we did a lot of workshops, and group interaction as well I really enjoy, and what I enjoy was the people here, they are so international and all coming from a different background and history, so it’s great to have discussions with them and to interact with them.
Richard is a really interesting guy and yeah a very charismatic person and it’s great to see his skills live and I never thought he will teach like this and train like this.
On day three, on Monday we learnt a lot about language patterns, about building rapport with other people and this was more theoretically and on the day afterwards on Wednesday, it became more practical. We had a lot of group interaction, we were trying out what we learned so far and everything started to make more sense, because in the beginning of the course we were just wondering what’s going on there on the stage, what’s happening actually and now we understand what’s going on and starting to use all these techniques on our own. Everything comes together now and all the small parts are fitting together in a big picture now. 
This morning was great, yeah, they brought snakes and spiders for the phobia cure and we worked together for a fly phobia with a woman and it was quite interesting, tried to reframe it in her mind and she had a new picture of it and saw it differently, so that was a good feeling.
Yesterday was a great morning definitely. There were some snakes involved, some spiders and other stuff, and it was quite impressive to see this fast phobia cure and later on we tried it on our own with working with partners trying to help them out. This was really interesting. In the afternoon it was mainly about change work, like strategies, how to change people, how to change your own belief or my own beliefs, and in the end it ended up with timelines and working with timelines, doing hypnosis and all those things, so it was a really good day yesterday. And now today everything came together, a lot of groups exercise, really nice group exercise in the morning and everything ended in a big party.
So I have to thank you to Richard Bandler and to the LaValles, they did a great job and also to all the assistant trainers, and if you have the chance to model NLP from Richard Bandler and those sorts of persons just take it and it’s better than what you get elsewhere.
My New Year’s resolution was don’t break any habits, but I just screwed it up, so yeah!

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