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DVD Richard Bandler - Art & Science of Nested Loops

DVD Richard Bandler - Art & Science of Nested Loops

Richard Bandler elegantly demonstrates the application of "Nested Loops", that technique that no one else has mastered as Richard has. 

In the art of imparting information in such a way that it is remembered even more easily than ever, Richard Bandler is the one individual who has been using this strategy for years and years. Others think they can do it, and perhaps some can, but none the way Richard Bandler does! 

On this DVD set, he subtly, yet obviously demonstrates it! 

*Due to the nature of multi region DVD players, these DVDs may play on many players but we cannot test all available players around the world. This product is not guaranteed outside the US on players that are not US NTSC and international sales are final with no replacement for defects guarantee. 
(about 2 hours) 
Contains Adult Language 
a Bandler® product
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